Education Seminar; Mortgage, Financing and Tax

May 23, 2019    09:00    2

Mortgage, Financing and Industry tax tips for Housing Providers. Get your questions answered – again!

Golf Tournament 2019

Jun 18, 2019    11:00    8

Last year one person went home with 92 bottles of wine – who will get it this year… plus there is golf.

Trade Show & Keynote Speaker

Apr 16, 2019    14:00    4 hours

Deals were made, information shared and another Trade Show and Keynote speaker event is done, Check out the pics from April 16th!

Dinner meeting

May 08, 2019    17:45    3

3 Guest Speakers to cover a variety of topics: Affordable Housing, debt collections & waste diversion at Multi-residential properties.

HDAA Community Involvement

Apr 17, 2019    18:00    2 hour

Check out the pictures from the April 17th Spring Hope Food Drive. Last year we were involved with Bowling for kids, Spring Hope food Drive, walk so kids can talk and did our first toy drive!

Made in Hamilton Solution

Dec 11, 2018    09:30   

Latest update: On September 28th the Rental Housing Sub Committee voted 7-4 to recommend a trial 2 year licencing program in wards 1 & 8.