Rikos Engineering Ltd.

Primary Contact Tyler Ayers
Supplier Address 145 Industrial Pkwy S Unit 12 Aurora, ON L4G 3V5
Phone 416-410-3815
Email tyler@rikos.com
Website http://rikos.com/contact/

Don’t be caught out of your comfort zone poring over plumbers’ listings to find a patchwork solution to your pinhole leak problem. Don’t let rising insurance premiums and water-damage bills get between you and your  condominium residents, while driving away prospective buyers.

Trust Rikos to deliver a complete, well-engineered and minimally invasive solution to pinhole leaks in domestic hot water systems. We have worked within the Greater Toronto Area since 1999, serving communities within Toronto, Hamilton, and Peel, Durham, York, Halton, and Niagara Regions.