Multilogic Energy Solutions

Primary Contact Shane Blanchard
Supplier Address 3-125 Don Hillcok Dr, Aurora ON L4G 0H8
Phone 647 822 4947
Fax 905 727 7008


MultiLogic Energy Solutions Inc. was established, as a Nexstar© company, to provide multi-residential property owners and managers with services specifically tailored to their unique industry needs. In order to drive success the management team recognized the need for extensive experience and knowledge in the multi-residential market in Canada, combined with expertise in energy saving technologies and solutions.

 Nexstar selected Mr. Peter Mills to launch MultiLogic. Peter has over 25 years of energy management experience and as a Co-Founder of Stratacon Inc. has delivered energy services to over 300,000 suites and continues to be the dominant supplier for sub-metering in multi-residential properties across Canada. As Managing Director at MultiLogic, Peter’s experience goes a long way to ensure you are dealing with a trusted supplier that understands your needs and knows how to deliver results.

 MultiLogic’s management team also includes one of the leading engineers in lighting design and energy savings Mr. Robert (Bob) McKellar, P.Eng. Bob, with over 25 years of experience in energy services, has extensive expertise implementing and monitoring energy management projects in commercial, industrial and multi-residential markets. During his tenure at Ontario Hydro, Bob earned the President’s Award for Customer Excellence.

 Together, the strength, experience and expertise of MultiLogic’s management team make MultiLogic Energy Solutions Inc. your premier choice for energy savings in multi-residential properties.