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A few Benifits of membership….

Trade Show This annual event draws huge crowds.  It is a great way to check out new suppliers and learn about new products on the market that may save you time and money.

Newsletters and email updates Our members keep updated on current events in between the meetings with our Newsletter (5 times a year) and occasional email bulletins to keep you in the know. 

Bi-monthly meetings Our  dinner meetings are a great way to keep in touch with other industry leaders.  The keynote speakers are always interesting and relevant to the industry; helping you stay informed.

Golf Tournament This annual  event is a fun and relaxing opportunity to  connect  and network with other members of HDAA. It is also a great advertisement opportunity.

Lobbying Together we have a stronger voice! HDAA is connected to FRPO and CFAA (the provincial and Federal associations) in their efforts to change laws and help you understand issues effecting Property Owners.  Do you know what changes there have been to legislation?  Do you have questions about the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA)?  Were you among the first to know when the city was looking at licensing? Become a member and have us find out what changes are happening now and in the future so you don’t have to.

HDAA is driven to providing its members with the most current and relevant news on industry related topics.  Some issues we have covered in the past are:

  • Licensing (Will it become reality?) 
  • Regulations (What most Property Managers are not aware of)
  • Changes to the Fire Code
  • Energy Savings
  • Retaining Residents 
  • Financing (What kind of Mortgage is right for you?)
  • Efficiency Programs(How much money are you leaving on the table?

If you are a Supplier to the industry, We can help you…

• promote your product
• advertise your company
• “Face time” with your existing customers
• learn about issues affecting your clients
• develop new customer relationships